3 Secrets to How to Be Happy in No Extra Time

Even if you have symptoms of depression


Live Free Class for Happiness Seekers


How to quiet your Inner Critic and give voice to your Inner Cheerleader when you’re so busy you can barely breathe.

In this free class you will learn:


The Major Mindset

that all happy people embrace to have consistently happy lives, no matter their circumstances.


How to Transform Overwhelm into Easy-to-Achieve Solutions

that you can use in your own life to move from burdened to blessed.


The Simple Strategy to Turn Your Mind from Foe to Friend

to make steady progress toward feeling appreciated, loved and recognized.


The SINGLE Most Effective Way to

Achieve a Relaxed, Contented Life

and why you MUST know this right out of the gate to make course corrections every day.

Pursuing Happiness is Not a Trivial Goal

To say that your level of happiness has a significant impact on your mental and physical health, your sense of wellbeing, your productivity and your success is an understatement of epic proportion.

The subject of happiness has been studied by research scientists at the greatest universities including Harvard, Stanford and Yale. Without exception, these studies have pointed to an undisputable fact – success comes from happiness, not the other way around.

This data points to a wide gap in our personal education – no one taught us how to be happy! It’s no wonder classes on happiness are the most popular part of the curriculum at both Harvard and Yale.

Join me as I share what I learned about how to be happy while I was recovering from 30 years of clinical depression, PTSD, and alcoholism.  It’s not rocket science but it does require a divorce from conventional teachings about what makes us happy and a change in the mindset we wake up with every morning.

This Free Class is a Must Attend if…


– You are front-line worker who spends your work hours caring for others and then goes home to do the same.

– You’re experiencing Covid-19 isolation burnout

– You’re the hub of your family or social group who is the “go to” for all things critical who’s stressed and often feel taken for granted.

– You have symptoms of depression and need practical tools to cope with the day-to-day challenges.

A Personal Invitation from Silver…

I’ve been fully recovered from clinical depression, PTSD and alcoholism since 1993 (full disclosure: except for a 3-month relapse in 2008).

I now have two children, a good marriage, financial security, social skills I previously lacked and a successful career. I attribute all of this to happiness. If someone tells me I look great, I know it’s because I’m happy. If someone likes a solution I came up with, I attribute my creativity to happiness. And if I have to face something that knocks me off my feet, I know that it’s temporary and I will bounce back.

This brand-new free class is part of my Passion Project. I want to share what others taught me about how to be happy. I want to offer the guidance I never received until I went looking for it.

If you’re committed to making this U-turn your life sincerely needs – the point in time you can look back on and say, “THAT’S when I started to be happier,” I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get there faster than you thought possible. ‘’

Choose the time that works best for you.

 With love,

You deserve to be happy—and it IS possible!